Irish punters were laughing all the way to the bookies on the back of Rory McIlroy’s US Open win – and dad Gerry can pocket a handsome reward if his son repeats the feat at the British Open next month.

McIlroy collected a check for almost $1.5million after his stunning win at Congressional in Maryland on Sunday but one Irish bookmaker lost even more than that.

The Paddy Power chain paid out over $2.5million on the back of McIlroy’s maiden major and they weren’t the only gambling institution to lose on the back of the Ulsterman.

One Dublin punter bet $2,800 on McIlroy at odds of 18/1 a week ago and walked away with almost $52,000 as his reward.

Boylesports also lost heavily on the McIlroy win that caught the imagination of the world, never mind Ireland.



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“It was a terrible result for the bookies. In the end it cost us over $300,000,” said a spokesperson for Boylesports.

“Rory McIlroy was heavily backed in the live betting throughout the tournament.”

A long term punter at McIlroy’s home club in Holywood, County Down, finally collected on his man on Sunday.

The member waged £50sterling at odds of 500/1 years ago that McIlroy would win a Major before his 25th birthday and is now some $40,000 better off.

Even McIlroy’s dad Gerry, who walked every inch of the US Open alongside his son, stands to gain if the Irishman can add the British Open title to his US crown at Sandwich next month.

Several years ago, Gerry and four friends placed an $800 bet that their man would win the Claret Jug by the age of 25 – their odds are believed to be in the region of 50/1.