Irish food prices now stand an unhealthy 28% above the EU average according to a price level survey commissioned by Eurostat.
The results are hardly likely to come as a surprise after another EU survey found that three out of every ten Irish people feared that they would go hungry over the course of the coming year.
Foodstuffs now stand 28% above the Union-wide non-alcoholic foodstuffs basket average of €27, while oil and fats are 5% above that level. The biggest Irish culprits, though, are in fruit, vegetables, and potatoes, which are collectively 42% more expensive than the European average. The data was compiled by Eurostat, the statistics office of the European Union, and the data is valid for June 2010.
It’s not just food, though.The Irish are also paying substantially more than average for vices alcohol (167% of the average) and tobacco (217% of the average), while almost nothing is cheaper than the European average.
Meanwhile Macedonia and Poland emerged as the frugal savers’ safe-havens; prices there are just 52% and 63% of the Union-wide average respectively.
The report is likely to come as hardly needed confirmation that despite the recession, Irish prices remain unhealthily buoyant.
Meanwhile, a nation fears starvation.
Another EU study found that three out of every ten Irish people fear that they’ll be unable to pay for food in the coming year, just one of many shocking conclusions arrived at by the troubling survey.
45% of respondents felt that they would be unable to keep up with rent and mortgage payments in the next 12 months, while 4% of Irish respondents felt it was "very likely” or “fairly likely” that they would be forced to leave their home due to financial pressure.