Irish activists aboard a flotilla ship named 'Saoirse' meaning Freedom, have accused Israel of sabotaging their aid attempts. They claim Mossad agents were likely responsible.

The crew claimed the propellor was damaged in such a way that it would have worsened during the trip and put the crew and protesters lives in danger. 

The Irish Ship to Gaza (ISG) said their ship’s propeller shaft had been interfered with. The group said similar damage had been done to a Swedish-owned ship that had also been due to join the flotilla.

The Irish ship, Saoirse had been "sabotaged in a dangerous manner" in the Turkish port of Gocek where it was been moored for the past few weeks, the ISG reported,

The Irish government has vowed to take a "very serious view" if sabotage was proved.


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In a statement the Irish group said Israel was to blame: "Israel has questions to answer and must be viewed as the chief suspect in this professional and very calculating act of sabotage".
Israel have denied the allegations saying that organizers did not have "a shred of evidence" to support their claim.”

Those aboard Saoirse have been re-deployed to another ship while the damage is repaired.