UPDATE: "All is clear and the bomb threat appears to be unfounded," said Victoria Lupica, a spokeswoman for Philadelphia International Airport.

The FBI and other law enforcement officials have dismissed the threat after a thorough screening of the aircraft, passengers and luggage.


A US Airways flight, flying from Shannon, landed in Philadelphia, just before 2pm on Wednesday, after an unspecified threat was called in by a man, local police report.

Local news NBC10 Philadelphia reports that the Boeing 757 airplane was taken to a remote area in the airport. Police and Homeland Security then screened passengers and luggage.

What is being described as an “unsubstantiated” threat was called in to the Philadelphia Airport.

The flight, US Air Flight #777, was scheduled to land at Philadelphia International today at 2:05 pm. No emergency landing was necessary.

Passengers were escorted from the plane and loaded onto buses. They were taken to a secure area to be interviewed. Bomb-sniffing dogs will also go through the plane. This is standard procedure.

In a statement, U.S. Airways said there were 171 passengers and eight crew members onboard the plane, a Boeing 757. Everyone got off the plane safely.

US Airway’s spokesman Andrew Christie said “We were aware of a possible security issue with the flight and out of an abundance of caution taxied the aircraft to a remote location, where it was met by law enforcement and emergency personnel.”

All inbound flights into Philadelphia International Airport are now delayed, according to the airport spokesperson Victoria Lupica.

Speaking to Philly.com the Philadelphia police spokewoman Jillian Russell said she did  not know the nature of the threat. However The Associated Press have reported that a bomb threat was made. The Irish Independent also tweeted that it was a bomb threat.

FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski told AP that its agents were assisting Transportation Security Administration officials in the investigation.

Here's the ABC Local news report: