A Dublin fitness guru by day, DJ by night,  Gerry Duffy is doing what few would believe to be possible: running 32 marathons in 32 days - all in the name of charity.

The fitness maniac is no stranger to testing his own endurance; he often competes in gruelling stamina-testing events which can last up to 12 hours or more, but even by his high standards this test is pushing it.

He’s currently halfway through the daring endeavour. Bank of Ireland official Ken Whitelaw (30) is joining him in the task.

"Physically, it is very strenuous," said Mr Duffy yesterday. "The background of the endurance we've done over the last few years helps and we have had a very intense training regime leading up to each race.

"It started out at about 55 to 60 miles of running a week. And then we would consecutively increase the distance by five miles every week. Then on the fourth week, which was our rest week, we'd drop it back by five, so that was the secret,” he explained.

"After each race, we are checked out by a physiotherapist. Literally when I cross the line, I am given a protein drink that immediately starts rebuilding muscles for tomorrow's race. Straight away then the body is trying to replenish itself.

"We have an ice bath every day for about 10 minutes and just have to try and rest up as much as we can, which isn't easy because we usually have a two or three-hour drive to the next location after every race".

Today will be their nineteenth consecutive marathon which will start and finish at Castle Dargan Hotel, Co Sligo..

Funds raised by their ambitious effort will go to the Irish Autism Society and the Irish Cancer Society.

The pair also want 32 athletes from the counties they visit to join them in completing either the full or half marathon. Kerry footballer Dara O’Shea and champion jockey Charlie Swan have both given the pair their support.

The pair have set up a donations line via SMS text message and are also taking donations from racers on the day.

A blog on their website shows how they’re getting on.

Their website, www.32marathons.com, contains more details about their attempt.