An Irish crew accidentally hauled in the world's largest fish - the ocean sunfish - off the coast of Donegal.

The crew of the MFV Northern Celt from Greencastle, Co Donegal, caught the giant sunfish while fishing at Stanton Bank, around 25 miles north west of Malin Head.

Fisherman Jim Farren said: "I've been fishing for 14 years and have seen a lot of sunfish over the years, but nothing this size." The sunfish (Latin name Mola Mola) was more than 5ft long and nearly 6ft in height from fin-tip to fin-tip.

The ocean sunfish is the world's largest bony fish can measure up to 11 ft and has been known to weigh in at two tonnes.

They are often mistaken for sharks because of their large dorsal fin.

The massive fish was released on August 6 by the crewmen.