A young father from Donegal reveals how he held his baby daughter for just two hours before her death from a rare condition.

Lucy Bell was born with Nager Syndrome, which affected the development of her face, limbs and airway.

Her father, 21-year-old Eoghan, from Culdaff, said that he and his girlfriend were prepared for their daughter's short time on earth.

“We knew for five or six months into the pregnancy that there were problems.

“We knew she wasn’t going to survive for long – the doctors had prepared us,” said Eoghan, according to the Donegal Daily.

Shortly after the heartbreaking ordeal, Eoghan and his girlfriend split up citing the death of their daughter as one of the reason’s for the separation.

Eoghan said he was glad he was able to have held Lucy even for a short time.

Eoghan’s mother Eilish Bell, 46, is now trying to raise money through a marathon for a children’s charity, the Stillborn and Neonatal Death group.

Eoghan Bell holds his daughter LucyIrish Sun