An Irish politician has claimed that he is taking a stand for the traditional Irish farmer who wants to have a pint on his way home.

Kerry South TD Jackie Healy Rae has said he will vote against the Irish Government's effort to lower the drink-drive limit from 0.08 to 0.05.

Ireland and the U.S. currently have the same limits on blood alcohol content but the Irish Government wants to reduce it even further.

No way, says Healy Rae.

"I was going to vote against this even if the Government came down tomorrow," he told local journalists in Kerry.

"It's the poor fella that calls in for a pint and a half on the way home from the likes of Castleisland or Kenmare Mart, that's who I'm looking out for."

However, the spokeswoman for PARC (Public Against Road Carnage) in Donegal said Healy Rae's talking trash.

"A neighbour could give them a lift to the pub and home," said Susan Gray.

"Many rural publicans here in the Inishowen peninsula are picking up and dropping off their older customers and there is always the option of having a designated driver on a night out," she said.