Conor McLoughlin turned to the radio to give his son, Sebastian, a Christmas celebration in spring and was instantly flooded with hundreds of offers from strangers who honestly wanted to help. Sebastian was tragically diagnosed with a brain tumor this year and is expected to succumb to the disease in the coming weeks.

In a touching effort, Conor McLoughlin has sought to bring Sebastian the joy of his favorite time of year, Christmas. Conor got on the airwaves thanks to the RTE Radio One’s Ray D’Arcy Show and the listeners immediately turned the great idea into a reality.

The outpour of support has both Sebastian's family and the radio shows host, Ray, giving praise and thanks to the thoughtful listeners.

Sebastian's uncle, Dan, was back on Ray’s show and explained how thankful the family is.

"We can't thank everyone enough for all their support and good wishes,” he said.

"I think we have everything we need in place ten or 20 times over, people have been so generous, with offers of snow machines, ploughs, we're just going through emails and facebook messages and calls to see what we can use," Dan said of the sheer amount of help.

He added, "It would be impossible to accept everything that has been offered.”

Even Ray D’Arcy, the show’s host, “was taken aback,” by the strangers willingness to help.

"The humanity of our listeners over the last 24 hours has been amazing," Ray proudly said.

Ray explained the aid ranged from young kid’s offering up leftover wrapping paper to adults offering to fly out Santa in helicopters.

Ray said, "We received thousands of emails - the phone in the office has been going all morning,” adding that, "People genuinely wanted to help."

The family even began receiving offers for money but they nobly encouraged anyone who wished to help financially to donate the money to a children’s cancer charity instead.

Dan suggested that, "If people want to donate, do it in Seb's name, and give it to a registered children's cancer charity."

H/T: The Irish Independent