Daniel ‘The Miracle Dog’ who survived an Alabama dog pound’s gas chamber has now found a new home with the Dwyer family in New Jersey. The beagle mix, who has made the press around the globe, is in “extremely good shape” considering what he’s been through.

Daniel, named after the biblical figure by the staff, was placed in a stainless-steel box, at an animal control facility in Florence, Alabama, along with several other animals. The box was filled with carbon monoxide.

Surprisingly when they opened the box Daniel was staring back at them unscathed but frightened. His new owner says “God spared his life for a reason”.

The lucky dog was flown to New Jersey by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a nonprofit operation that saves dogs due to be put down.



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Last month the organization received more than 100 requests to adopt Daniel but it was Joe Dwyer and his family that won that honor. Daniel is now a permanent resident at the Dwyer family house, where he has four other rescue dogs to keep him company.

Dwyer said “He's in extremely good shape, especially in light of what he went through…His attitude is just incredible."

On Wednesday ‘The Miracle Dog’ received a glowing report from the vets after a check up. He’s also making new friends with the Dwyer’s other dogs.

His new owner told AP "By Thursday evening they were all lying down together. It was wonderful to see."