A renowned Irish faith leader has visited seriously injured Irish girl Natasha McShane in a Chicago hospital and stated he is convinced she will fully recover.

Danny Gallager from Derry, the seventh son of a seventh son which many Irish believe confers healing powers, visited her on five separate occasions at the rehabilitation unit where she is recovering.

McShane was beaten with a baseball bat after leaving a bar and restaurant during a robbery attempt. She was originally in a coma but has since shown signs of recovery.

Her family from Ireland have maintained a bedside vigil.

In a statement Gallagher said:

"I got a request from Natasha's family to visit her in Chicago. I arranged it at very short notice and did healing for her, visiting her on five different days on my arrival on June 18th and following days.

"I was only one of many healers including healing priests who visited her since she was attacked.

"Thank God Natasha can walk with someone holding her lightly, talk slowly and recognize everyone. As a healer over the years I have seen many sad cases however, I am hopeful in time Natasha will make a completer recovery. Thank God.

"I do not wish to comment further.I will leave that to her parents."



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