Ireland is going to be snowed in again this winter – and for many years to come according to a world renowned weather expert.

Long range forcecaster James Madden has predicted another ice age winter for Ireland after record snow levels in December and January.

The Exacta Weather expert has warned that Ireland will experience record low temperatures and huge snowfalls again this winter.

The Irish Examiner reports that a drastic alteration in the flow of the Gulf Stream coupled with Icelandic volcano eruptions and low solar activity are combining to lead to the severe weather warning.

Madden has warned that both Ireland and Britain should prepare for a winter similar to, or even worse than, the experience of the last two years, when temperatures reached a 40-year low.



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“I expect the 2011-2012 winter to follow a similar pattern in terms of how November and December was in 2010 for the vast majority of this winter,” said Madden.

“It will be exceptionally cold and snowy with well below average temperatures.”

Madden has urged the Irish government to prepare in advance this year and avoid a repeat of the scenes of chaos up and down the country from last winter.

He added: “It will be exceptionally cold and snowy with well below average temperatures.

“I fully expect to see records broken, with the highlands of Scotland being once again particularly hard hit.

“Periods of low solar activity at present, and what we have seen in recent years, influence the Earth’s atmosphere by allowing the stratosphere to cool.

“This has a somewhat more profound effect over Northern Europe and the UK in terms of colder and snowier winters, due to jet stream patterns that block warm air from reaching us and create more moisture.”