Top Al Qaeda terror target Anwar Al Awlaki was betrayed by his ex-wife living in Ireland who gave vital information to CIA and other American officials, it has been revealed.

Anwar Al Awlaki was killed by a CIA predator drone in Yemen on Friday.

He was considered at the top of the list of American Al Qaeda targets.

The CIA learned of the ex-wife’s existence from a close relative living in the United States. No one knew of her existence until the relative tipped them off to her.

The Irish link to Al Awlaki’s death was revealed by crack terrorism reporter Steven Emerson at the

It is understood that CIA agents interrogated the ex-wife in Ireland and asked her to supply vital information about family links and the whereabouts of Al Qaeda’s most high-profile killer.



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She agreed to cooperate and proved to be a goldmine of information and identified his family tree for investigators

Through her and other relatives, they traced a close relative living in Yemen’s capitol Sanna.

Al Awlaki was known to call that number and from that call the CIA traced his exact location and coordinates.

All that information paid off on Friday when a predator drone killed Al Awlaki and another American citizen, Samir Khan, who was with him.