An Irish winner of the Europe wide lottery, Euromillions, has won $120 million lottery officials say.

There were two winning tickets Europe wide with the other winner from Belgium. The overall prize was $240 million.

“The jackpot of over €180m will be shared equally. We don’t have any further details at the moment with regard to the region in Ireland,” a lottery spokeswoman said.

The numbers 4, 5, 13, 27, 35 and the lucky stars numbered 1 and 2 were selected. It is not clear if the winning ticket was bought by a syndicate or an individual.

A National Lottery
spokeswoman said “ Hopefully they will check their ticket, and once they do, we will advise them to give us a call and get in touch. I suppose it will be a busy day. It’s absolutely fantastic news for a EuroMillions player in Ireland.”

Ireland’s biggest ever previous winner was Dolores McNamara from Limerick who won close to $200 million.

The National Lottery’s site slowed down after news of the win emerged.

Dermot Griffin, Chief Executive of the National Lottery, said they will not be releasing any details of where or when the ticket was bought.

An unidentified Irish person has won $120 million in the Euromillions lotteryGoogle Images