is a new Irish based e-commerce company which will offer the services of professional designers to businesses with dramatic savings.

One of the dynamic features allows new businesses to design their own logo free of charge using the Tweak logo builder for a limited time.

The entrepreneur behind the brand is Jerry Kennelly, who said his new business venture will target small to medium enterprises in Europe and the U.S.

“We know how busy small business owners are, and in Tweak we have created a user-friendly interface which allows them to have absolute control over their branding and makes them look as professional as larger brands at a fraction of the cost,” says Kennelly.

“Tweak gives SMEs the chance to punch above their weight by looking their best in print.”

With headquarters in Co. Kerry, Tweak has over 80 people working in cities throughout the world including Dublin, New York, San Francisco, Manila and London.

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