The Claddagh Association Inc., a charity set up to assist Irish emigrants in western Australia, is recognizing the fact and warning Ireland that a recent influx of unprepared and subsequently homeless emigrants has been noted in Perth. The charity is reporting a major increase in the cries for help from Irish emigrants who couldn’t find their niche in Australia and are now homeless. 

The president of the Claddagh Association, Joan Ross, told Inishowen News “Generally these people come unprepared and with an unrealistic expectation of life in Perth with the result they find themselves homeless and without food. That is when we respond to their plight."

Ross explained that emigrants are bringing little funds to start off and are stuck when immediate employment isn’t found. She added, “Many people arriving in Perth are very shocked at the high cost of living. Food, accommodation and a night out are all very expensive compared to Ireland."

In response to an increased want for the information and materials required to be a successful emigrant, The Claddagh Association has released a new book that outlines just that. 

“Information on Moving to Western Australia” was compiled together by 9 volunteers and can be downloaded at

The book advises not to travel without a return ticket home and sufficient money to start a new life.

An influx in the number of homeless Irish has been noted by the Irish charity in western Australia, the Claddagh Association.Google Images