Drinkers in a Co.Cavan pub got more than they bargained for when a bull charged his way into the pub, after escaping from a nearby farmers market recently.

The farm animal sent bar stools flying and wrecked a pool table before he poked holes in the wall. He then proceeded to urinate on the floor.

One local was pictured fleeing from the bull -- but with his pint in his hand.

The incident occurred in the Porter House Tavern in Kingscourt, Co, Cavan. The Irish beast is thought to have spotted the rear door of the bar open before venturing inside for a look. Several of the regulars in the bar were charged by the feisty animal, but no one was hurt.

The landlord of the bar Cyril Rafferty, was behind the taps when the bull barged through the door.
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“He just burst through the back door and made a dash for the bar,” Mr Rafferty told the Irish Daily Mirror.

"Everyone is laughing about it now – but it wasn't funny at the time.

“It’ll take a while before we live this one down and we’ve been getting all the bull-in-the-china-shop and Red Bull jokes.”

He added: "This is one customer who is definitely barred, but I wouldn’t fancy trying to stop him from coming in again.”

The bull was eventually recaptured by it’s owner and returned to the cattle market.