An Irish judge has strongly criticized Irish police for allowing a doctor wanted for sex abuse of children in Florida to escape an extradition request.

Irish police did not become aware the suspect had fled for over a month after he absconded.

Dr. Rory Doyle, also known as David West, a name he used after changing it by deed poll, absconded in December 2011 after being granted bail on foot of an extradition request from the US.

Police did not notice until a month later despite a requirement that he sign in every day.

He is wanted for three charges of molestation of children in St.Petersburg and Treasure Island, Florida between 1994 and 2000.

The allegations include molestation of two girls aged 13 and eight while they slept. He had previously failed to show up for his trial in Florida on the charges and was later arrested in Ireland.

In January 2010 the Irish High Court found he should be extradited but he was freed on foot of an appeal.  He disappeared in late December last year and has not been seen since.

Judge Michael Peart stated his absence raised “a serious defect in the system,” and “reflected badly on Ireland.” He confiscated the $200,000 that his mother who is 89 had put up for his bail. She had put her own house up as the bail.

The judge stated he had no doubt Dr Doyle had “manipulated and used” his mother in a “callous fashion” and that she was “blameless” in her son’s absconding.