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Cork DJ, Neil Prendeville has undergone a toxicology exam to prove he doesn't take cocaine or any illegal substances.

The broadcaster has also revealed he will receive counselling and seek professional advice on how best to deal with the controversy over his in-flight-sex-act.

Speaking from his home in Douglas Cork, he denied rumors that he had taken illegal drugs.

“People are saying I was on cocaine and this will prove that I have never taken any drugs. I need to prove that isn’t the case. It’s upsetting, because it isn’t true. I have never taken cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, nothing,” he told Cork's Evening Echo.

The popular local radio host admitted that he realizes it will be difficult to return to normality.

“I don’t think things will ever be the same again. Right now it’s about the kids getting back to school. It’s about me seeing some friends who have been kind to me and getting some counselling. Certainly with counselling in regards to how I am going to deal and talk to my kids.”

He is very concerned over the effect his actions will have on his two teenage children: “I need to get advice as to how I am going to talk to my children and walk them through this. I don’t know how to deal with children in this regard.”

“The children have been very good. I hope that they will be OK and I hope that people will be kind to them. You wish for an end to it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was just a regular Monday? I yearn for things to be the way they were.”

“It was a pretty good life and it’s pretty sad to have messed all that up,” he lamented.

Prendeville was trust into the media spotlight last week when he admitted to exposing himself on an Aer Lingus flight from London to Cork. A formal police investigation has begun and several witnesses have been questioned including Aer Lingus cabin crew and passengers.

The DJ insists a cocktail of pain killers and alcohol resulted in him having no memory of the incident.

“It happened. But no man in his sane senses would do such a private thing, such an act of self destruction, intentionally. Clearly people have been offended. I am not a victim. I don’t apportion any blame.”

Over the weekend his wife, family and friends vowed to stand by the local celebrity  DJ.

Read More - Irish talk show host admits sex act on Aer Lingus flight
Read More -Talk show host says he contemplated suicide

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