READ MORE- Irish talk show host admits sex act on Aer Lingus flight

Cork radio personality Neil Prendeville will not face prosecution after exposing himself on an Aer Lingus flight last year, due to a jurisdictional technicality.

The radio presenter exposed himself and masturbated in his seat in front of two Aer Lingus cabin crew members and a female passenger as the aircraft was taxiing for take-off at Heathrow Airport in London last October.

Along with cabin crew members, several passengers made statements to the police who in turn sent a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), following their investigation.

The DPP has since declined to prosecute the Cork man and informed the female witnesses that the decision was down to “a jurisdictional technicality.”

Richard Martin, an aviation law expert, said that because the incident took place while the aircraft was taxiing, prior to take-off, Prendeville would have been subject to British as opposed to Irish law.

Niamh Hennessy, who was seated next to Prendeville on the flight, told the “Irish Examiner” she was upset at the decision not to prosecute.

"I am horrified and dismayed that Mr. Prendeville is not to be prosecuted for his appalling and totally unacceptable actions. This incident has caused me much hurt, and I can only wonder what kind of message this gives out to people who may find themselves in a similar situation in the future," she said.

"His actions were vile. There is something very wrong with the justice system if he will pay no price for what he has done. It begs the question should the (Irish police) now hand the file over to the British authorities," she added.

Once the details of the incident became public last November, Prendeville made an on-air apology, stating he had no recollection of the events due to consuming a cocktail of painkillers and alcohol.

READ MORE- Irish talk show host admits sex act on Aer Lingus flight

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