An Irishman living in Chicago was killed on Tuesday afternoon after a car struck the bicycle he was riding.

Waller O’Grady, 35, originally from Ireland, and now living in Oak Lawn, Chicago, was knocked down on a busy Southwest Highway Tuesday at about 3p.m. by a 45-year old Chicago woman driving a 1997 Lexus. Police have not released the driver's name.

Police said that only moments before the accident, a sports utility vehicle slowed down for O’Grady, and it is believed that the Lexus may have overtaken the SUV in the left lane, striking the Irishman.

The impact initially knocked O'Grady, who was not wearing a helmet, into the windshield of the Lexus and then onto the pavement.

O’Grady, who has just picked up a Chinese takeout, was taken to Christ Medical Center and was pronounced dead a little after 8 p.m.

He was described by friends as happy and hardworking.

Neighbor, Jim Smerz, described O’Grady as a “good-hearted guy.” Smerz and O’Grady became friends after the Irishman installed hardwood floors in his home.

"A lot of people will miss him."

Police said the crash is being investigated. No charges have been filed against the driver of the Lexus vehicle.