An article in this week’s New Yorker magazine claims to have discovered the creator of the bitcoin code, used as an online currency. However, Michael Clear, the 23-year-old Trinity College academic, has denied that he is was involved in the amazing design.

Bitcoins have been called the ‘most disruputive force in technology’ since the invention of the Internet with their ability to replace world currencies if billions on line decide to create their own.

Clear told IrishCentral that he wished to point the public toward his own notes on the New Yorker article to clarify some details. The cryptology genius states on his website that he wishes to “clear up some things, and not appear merely captious, since I did in fact enjoy the article.”

Joshua Davis’ article in the New Yorker claims that he tracked down “Satoshi Nakamoto” the creator of the virtual currency, bitcoin. Since 2009 the identity of the creator of bitcoin had been a mystery.

Over the last two years $35 million in bitcoin has gone into circulation.


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Davis narrowed his search for the creator by finding people who shared skills with “Satoshi Nakamoto”. He then found out that a cryptologist of “Nakamoto’s” skills would most likely attend the conference Crypto2011. The journalist also noted the “Nakamoto” used British spelling.

Eventually Davis’ search led him to Clear, at Trinity College. Clear was named one of the top computer-science undergrads at Trinity in 2008. He has also worked for Allied Irish Banks to improve their currency-trading software. In 2009 he wrote a paper on peer-to-peer technology and bitcoin is such a technology.

Clear clarifies on his site “Although I am flattered that Josh had reason to think I could be Satoshi, I am certainly the wrong person.”

When Davis contacted Clear initially, he had said “I like to keep a low profile…I'm curious to know how you found me,” according to the New Yorker magazine.

Clear’s statement on his Trinity website continues:
“In particular, my mention of identifying Satoshi was not meant to be construed so seriously (the humour is apparently lost). It is somewhat more accurate to say that I thought I could identify some

Satoshi leads (and I even mean that very lightly). In my email to Josh, I referred to this as recreational speculation - just some fun.

Obviously, there are far too many possibilities to consider for Satoshi, not to mention the many thorough investigations that have been undertaken. However, it seems that even limited searches yield candidates who fit the profile far better than I think I do.”

The humor which Clear referred to was his dry Irish wit when he said “I'm not Satoshi…But even if I was I wouldn't tell you."