A young Irish couple from Cork plan to broadcast the birth of their first child on the Internet.

Jonathan Joly (32) and Anna Saccone (24) have created a reality show of their lives with their own YouTube channel, LeFloofTV.

So far, viewers have seen not only their day-to-day activities but also such milestones as Jonathan's proposal to Anna and their wedding last September.

Now they are set to film the arrival of their daughter in September.

“We plan to film the birth," Jonathan told the Irish Sun.

“But I know what upsets Anna and I will protect her.

“Our consultant and the hospital manager know what I’m planning to do and they’ve told me what is and isn’t possible.

“It’s a human interest story. The camera will be pointing at me, at the moment where I become a dad.”

He also insists that everything they film is completely off the cuff with nothing scripted.
“Our audience is full of intelligent people. If Anna’s sitting there after giving birth and she looks all done up and perfect, then that’s not real,” he added.

The channel is the couple's full-time job, earning money from a share in the revenue YouTube generates from advertising on the site. They produce two daily shows on LeFloof TV. SacconeJolys is a video blog that follows their lives. The other show, The Style Guide, focuses on fashion and beauty and is fronted by Anna.

The couple carry a hand-held camera with them wherever they go.

Their channel boasts 120,000 subscribers and 40,000 views daily.

Here's one of their most recent videos entitled "Baby Talks to Daddy":

Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone are documenting their lives on YouTube and plan to broadcast their baby's birthSun