As the search along the coast of Long Island continues, clues as to the identity of a suspected serial killer seem to have dried up. With ten bodies found so far locals via online petition are now asking Irish-born Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, who is leading the investigation, to grant an amnesty to sex workers in the hope that they could help identify the murderer.

A website "Help Catch the Long Island Serial Killer" has gathered over 4,300 signatures. The petition asks Laois-born Suffolk County Police Commissioner, Richard Dormer, to grant a prosecutorial immunity to sex workers.

According to reports in the Examiner, since the discovery of two human teeth on April 22 no new leads have surfaced. Locals continues to feel uneasy and have launched an online petition to obtain an amnesty for sex workers. The person who murdered four prostitutes, who advertised on Craigslist, along with another six victims, is still on the loose and locals believe  this be the most direct method of assess information.

The site claims that the police have "made it clear that sex workers [who provide actionable information] still face the risk of arrest if they ‘have been caught offering to have sex with a member of law enforcement or soliciting sex for money."

Another siteo owned by  Ms. Magazine also posted a blog-cum-petition agrees with these sentiments. The article reads "Arresting people who are engaged in prostitution is not protection. Instead, arrests—and public knowledge of them—send a clear message that people engaged in prostitution will not have their safety or ability to make a living respected by the police. News of a continued crackdown makes it even less likely that sex workers with information about the 10 bodies discovered on Long Island beaches will come forward and share this knowledge with the police."

The search of Long Island, which turned up 10 bodies, began last summer. The police were searching for Shannan Gilbert, also an escort who advertised her services on Craigslist. Her last know whereabouts was in the area of Oak Beach where she was meeting a client. She was never seen again. So far four of the ten bodies found have been identified as escorts, with connections to Craigslist.



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