A new invention from a Kildare based company means you can attend weddings, baptisms and other family events by watching them live on television.

Swish Television developed the concept which allows people to have their family event broadcast live. Relatives and friends can tune into events they cannot be present at by obtaining a password from the event organizer.

Adrian McGibbon of the Swish Arthouse Studio says the new invention could help people to save money on what can turn into very expensive events.

"It’s great for people who, for reasons beyond their control, can’t attend a event. Also, people don’t like to admit it but it can save you money, allowing you a smaller wedding without offending people," said Adrian who runs the business.

So far the company has broadcast a baptism and also had a wedding viewed by a hospital bound aunt in Chicago.

But Adrian is adamant Swish Television wont be stealing business from wedding or camera photographers.

We just film the ceremony and don’t take in all the guests and the atmosphere in the Church. We make that clear to people," he said.