An Irishwoman is cleaning up with her Christmas gift voucher offer – for a DIY divorce.

Bray-based Cathy O’Brien founded her DIY Divorce Ltd business 13 years ago after her own marriage ended.

She is now offering gift tokens as Christmas presents after several enquiries in recent months.

The Sunday Independent reports that Cathy’s pain-free path to divorce is proving a big hit.

For just over $300, her clients receive a step-by-step process and the paperwork to bring their marriage to an end.

O’Brien told the paper: “In the past couple of months, I have had people come in who said they were buying the vouchers as Christmas presents for their current partners.

“We do get quite unusual requests like that, although I’m not sure how the partners react to it.”

The report outlines how the voucher includes divorce papers, a step-by-step guide and full telephone support for the duration of the three-four month divorce process.

It does not cover the cost of affidavits, which must be signed by a lawyer while pension and property orders require an additional cost.

O’Brien also revealed she has come in for criticism in some quarters after launching her DIY divorce business.

She added: “It has happened now and again where we would get people ringing up with private numbers telling me that I am going to hell and that I am breaking up marriages.

“I usually just tell them to ring me back when their number is not on private and then hang up on them.

“Because there is a four-year rule in Ireland before divorce proceedings can start, most people don’t talk by the time the proceedings come around.

“If they do, they usually admit that they are now better friends than when they were married, so I don’t get too much abuse.”