On Tuesday, InishTech, a startup company set up with the help of Microsoft's IP Ventures Program and Enterprise Ireland, took over the computer giant’s Software Licensing and Protective Services (SLPS).

SLPS makes it easier for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers to protect their products and manage software licensing. It also helps customers to purchase, maintain and update their software.

“Right away, I could see it was a unique proposition. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to spin out a business from Microsoft,” said InishTech CEO Aidan Gallagher.

“The product was already validated by people who were investing in the solution and had great traction within Microsoft. It also helped that John O’Sullivan, our chief technology officer, and I have logged in decades of experience in the software security domain. And of course, the added advantage of an established customer base made the prospect even more attractive to us.

Microsoft took over Secured Dimensions in January 2007 and  ran this side of the business themselves until recently, when they decided to outsource it as it no longer this area belonged to the core line of products the company runs.

That’s where InishTech came in, and it will take over all of Microsoft’s customers in this area, and Microsoft will also become a customer of the company.

Microsoft will continue to offer customer support until September when the transition will take place.

“New development environments provide major benefits in terms of speed and cost to ISVs but can also create security challenges,” said Eddie Amos, general manager for Development, Platform and Tools at Microsoft Corp. “The SLPS, and now InishTech, fills a security need by offering superior code protection as well as flexible licensing management services.”