A rally against racism in Liverpool organized by the Irish community has been branded an “IRA March” by a British splinter group.

Due to take place this Saturday ,the march against racism and fascism is organized by the James Larkin society. However the event has been labeled an “IRA March” by extremists.

A poster headlined ‘Stop the IRA March in Liverpool” states: “Over the past several years the city of Liverpool and north west england has seen the rise of anti-British feeling projected on them by immigrant families from the Republic of Ireland.”

Organizers of the rally have condemned the move.

“We call upon members of the Liverpool public to reject these extremist and hate filled groups and to support next Saturday’s demonstration against Racism and Fascism,’ the James Larkin Society said in a statement.

“We want to send a clear message out that the citizens of Liverpool will not tolerate the presence of these individuals/groups on Liverpool’s streets and that the good relations between Liverpool’s diverse communities will not be shattered by thugs intent on disruption and who wish to dictate who can and cannot live peacefully in this city.”

Last February an Irish parade in Liverpool city center became the target of British nationalists who spat at and racially abused participants.

According to the Irish Post a commemorative march organized by members of Cairde na hEireann was targeted by a British splinter group.

The parade was supposed to commemorate Liverpool born Republican Sean Phelan, who died during the War of Independence in 1921.

Sinn Fein TD for Cork East, Sandra McLellan, who was addressed the parade, described the scene.

“I never experienced anything like it in my life,” McLellan told The Irish Post. “A group of about 30 yobs were allowed to walk beside the parade for at least a mile, shouting words like scum and murderers and ‘f*** off back to your own country.’

“I couldn’t believe the hatred. It was continuous. It was horrendous.”

The march against racism and fascism has been labeled an “IRA March” by extremistsJames Larkin Society