During Sunday service, parishioners at St. Ann‘s church in Dorchester, where the family of Boston bombing victim Martin Richard attend, were urged to learn to love in the wake of the Boston bombings.

“We weep for the last week,’’ Reverend Sean M. Connor told parishioners as the Mass began last Sunday, Boston.com reports.

“Our entire community shares the grief and suffering felt by our young family,” a message on the church’s website reads. “As a parish family, we too are troubled and hurt by Martin’s loss and his families’ pain. As we offer our support, prayers and love to Bill and Denise, Henry and Jane as they mourn the loss of their beloved son and brother.”

More than more than 500 parishioners packed into the Dorchester church for the 10:30 family Mass on Sunday.

During the homily, Fr Connor cradled a baby in his arms, as he urged parishioners to learn love from the events of last week.

“If we are not changed for the better...then we’ve learned little or nothing.”

“Together we filled God’s house because we believe in hope and faith and love,’’ Fr Connor said.

“We come together and fill God’s house because we mourn. We come together and fill God’s house because we are fundamentally changed. Again, our little ones teach us,’’ he said, looking at the young child in his arms.

“This is how close we need to be with Jesus. Like a child in his mother’s arms.”

Later that day mourners formed a quarter-mile-long line, outside Dello Russo Funeral Services on Main Street  Medford Mass, to say tearful goodbye to restaurant manager Krystle Campbell,  who was killed in last week’s Boston Marathon bombing.

Pictures of Krystle, 29, filled the funeral hall, including one of her at her First Holy Communion, as a bridesmaid at a beach, and tailgating before a Patriots game.

Her grieving Mother, Patty Campbell, who declared last week, “It doesn’t make any sense,” after learning about her daughter’s death, shook hands and hugged a long line of mourners.

Father Sean M Connor holds a baby from the congregation while urging the Irish American community to move forward with love at the funeral of eight-year-old bombing victim Richard MartinBoston.com