University students in Ireland are selling themselves for money.

'Escort Ireland,'  the country's biggest online escort agency has even set up web pages dedicated to independent escorts at various universities.

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The "University College Cork (UCC) Escorts" page advertises "independent escorts and escort agencies in University College Cork" with pictures of female escorts beneath a picture and description of the college.

A similar page can be found for Queens University in Belfast. Elsewhere on the site,  it states, "Dublin 9 is also home to one of Ireland's biggest universities, DCU (Dublin City University), and, for this reason, student escorts are sometimes based here."

A Dublin-based co-ed on the site describes herself as "Angel Angie" and quotes her current occupation as "university student."

Another student calls herself 'Lily', and her profile states: "Lily is an escort with a penchant for the finer things in life. In her spare time, this blonde bombshell enjoys socialising and is studying fashion at university which helps to explain her magnificent taste and style."

It goes on: "Lily is sure to turn heads on an evening out, something which always goes down well as she loves to be the centre of attention and any man who is willing to pamper her will enjoy her company, wherever you happen to go."

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A spokesperson for Ruhama Ireland told the Sunday Independent: "What is worrying is that this escort website is using universities in Ireland as a marketing strategy and has the potential to lure young girls who may be under financial pressure into the sex trade.

"We would caution and warn any young woman who would consider going into the sex trade to support herself financially.

"The sex trade is about violence, abuse and nobody comes out of it unharmed. So we would be concerned and this is a worrying development that a website that advertises prostitution is using universities in their marketing strategy and has a potential to lure vulnerable young women into the sex trade.

"People should not be deceived by these websites, and it is a fact that not everything that is presented in these websites is true. These may not be students. And most may be linked to organised criminal gangs. So we would caution and warn any young girl who would be lured by this."