Over 50,000 Irish people from all across the globe have registered with our new dating site- found at www.irishcentralpersonals.com

Since the launch of Irishcental.com in March 2009 administrators have received hundreds of requests to create an area on the site where single Irish people from all corners of the world can connect with each other.

After months of putting together a site, IrishCentralPersonals.com launched in New York on Wednesday and to date we have 50,000 members.

Like any dating site, people will have an opportunity to chat with Irish people with similar interests. Members can view profiles, see pictures and if interested chat to the person live on the site.

Unlike most dating sites, IrishCentralPersonals offers members an opportunity to go on a virtual date with a member he/she finds interesting.

What is a virtual date? It’s a fun and safe way to get to know the person behind the profile before meeting in-person. Instead of exchanging electronic smiles back and forth, you can now chat with members in a fun, safe and romantic virtual environment.

On your vDate you will interact with a 3D character (avatar). Your avatar will respond to the text that is typed, providing a fun chatting experience. Type “LOL” and your avatar laughs, hit the smile button and they smile, you can even blow your date a kiss if it’s going really well.

You can meet for a virtual cup of coffee, play conversation provoking games, express emotions with emoticons or listen to music together.

And to give you a head start on your dating career, Dating Coach, David Wygant, has joined the Irish Central personals team to provide practical dating advice for men and women including dating tips, date coaching, dating seminars, dating guides and dating videos. You can even ask David personal relationship questions in the "Ask David" section!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to meet that someone special then get signed in and have some fun.

And when the wedding rolls around we want an invite