A man from Co. Wexford who says he has been living week to week won €500,000 (about $550,000) in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday, October 11.

He had purchased his winning ticket on the day of the draw at the Drive Centra in Carna Cushinstown in Ballinaboola, Co. Wexford, the Irish Examiner reports.

"This is a life changing, once in a lifetime win for my family. I am a full-time carer for members of my family and we were living from week to week on my carer’s allowance,” said the man, who brought his family with him to collect the check.

"€500,000 will make a huge difference to our lives and it will take the everyday pressures of making ends meet away for a long time.

"I have worked hard all of my life to take care of my family and those around me. This money will go a long to make sure that we are all secure for many years to come."

A young man from Co. Clare won €195,998 (about $216,000) after he matched five numbers and a Lucky Star in the EuroMillions draw on Friday, October 7.

He surprised two friends when he brought them to the National Lottery offices in Dublin.

"We had no idea where he was bringing us until we got inside the door,” said one of the friends.

They came to collect his winnings wearing emoji face masks. (The National Lottery has started using emoji faces for winners who wish to remain anonymous.)

The winner said: "I asked the two lads to come with me to Dublin today but I didn’t tell where we were going.

"I could have come on my own but I wanted to share the experience with my two best friends. I’m going to enjoy the win over the next couple of days but first, I have plans to pay off my mortgage and we will see what is left after that."