An Irish-Canadian man has posted a YouTube video in hopes of repairing his reputation after his estranged wife attempted to hire a hitman to kill him, but has since been released with no charges.

The Daily Mail reports that Michael Ryan, a native of Nova Scotia in Canada, posted a video to YouTube defending himself after his ex-wife Nicole Ryan accused him of abuse and allegedly hired an undercover cop for $25,000 to kill Michael.

Nicole Ryan was acquitted of conspiracy charges against her former husband, with the court believing she was ‘under duress’ when she plotted to kill Michael. On Sunday, the Supreme Court of Canada halted the legal proceedings surrounding the case, and Nicole Ryan was free to go without charges.

In his YouTube video, Michael Ryan speaks about how he was never called to testify in the case where he was accused of being abusive toward Nicole. 

“The public is still deceived by Nicole Ryan’s false allegations that I was an abusive husband and my side of the story has still not been heard,” he said in the YouTube video.

“I strongly believe the Supreme Court of Canada has denied the truth to the Canadian public in what is seemingly all one big cover-up.”

“The courts have not properly taken the time to review the evidence before them. They have tarnished the reputation of not only myself but the RCMP as well,” he added.

Michael Ryan went on to say that Nicole left “a dark cloud over me and my family. She has painted me out to be a monster.” Michael and Nicole have a daughter together who is now in Michael’s custody.

“I am taking this opportunity to state...for the record that I have never abused Nicole or our daughter in any shape or form.”

“I have done nothing to Nicole to deserve this defamation. I have always done my very best to best supportive of Nicole and our family.”

Watch Michael Ryan's video here:

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