Hailo has set their sights on cities like New York and Tokyo as they prepare to change the world of taxis, as they did in Dublin.

The company became the most popular taxi service in Dublin just three months after its birth. Success like this could never go unnoticed, therefore Hailo has attracted a big name and big money. 

The company just elected Starbucks former head of coffee business, Tom Barr, to be the President and COO in the United States. He will be in charge of Hailo’s push for American business especially for the goldmine that is New York City. 

Hailo was also given Series B funding in the form of $30.6 million from Union Square Ventures, thus giving the already successful company everything it needs to become global. 

Hailo’s CEO and co-founder, Jay Bregman, told the Digital Times, “We now have the senior team, resources, and the investment and corporate partners to deliver our vision of bringing Hailo to NYC, Tokyo, and everywhere.”

Japan’s market for taxis is estimated at $25 billion, an understandable target for Hailo. 

The idea of an extremely consumer friendly taxi service is what separates Hailo from competitors.  The smartphone app allows customers to get a taxi where and whenever they please at the touch of a button. Another extreme convenience is the feature that allows customers to plug in their credit card information to the app and then being able to pay as easily as it was to call the taxi. 

Hailo is now present in 10 cities within 6 different countries. Only after a little more than a year of business, Hailo sales are more than  $100 million. 

Jay Bregman (pictured) launched Hailo in 2010Jordan Hollender