An Irish bus driver body slammed a drunk passenger after two police officers struggled to arrest the man in a bus station.

The bus driver, John McKendry, 40, from Portstewart, was working at the station in Coleraine in Northern Ireland when police came onto the scene to arrest a drunk passenger from Belfast, the DailyMail reports.

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One bystander managed to capture footage of the scene with a phone.

In the video, two police officers can be seen struggling to detain the man, who apparently attempts to headbutt one of the officers as they try to get him against the wall to handcuff him.

The drunk passenger manages to get away from the police, shouting “come on, then” before he punches one of the officers in the face.

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McKendry then comes up and body slams the man and tackles him to the ground.

The police officers were able to handcuff him and hold him until more officers arrived and took him away.