Irish Starbucks are to come under new management by Entertainment Enterprises, an entertainment and restaurants group operated by Irish brothers Colum and Ciarán Butler.

The Irish Times
reports on the management for Ireland’s 27 Starbucks cafes. The Butler brothers had operated 10 of the 27 Starbucks outlets prior to Tuesday, with the other 17 operated from the US, where the coffee chain originated.

With the new management overhaul, Starbucks anticipates no jobs to be lost. 210 staff are currently employed at Starbucks-operated locations, with the number in other outlets unknown to the Irish Times.

Kris Engskov, Starbucks’ UK and Ireland’s managing director, said, “The business in Ireland is on a strong footing and we see considerable potential to create jobs and growth by working with the Entertainment Enterprises group.”

The Butler brothers said, “We’re long-term partners of Starbucks and are very excited to be taking on the expanded licensee role.”

They added, “Over the years, we have built up a strong understanding of the Starbucks business and culture, and coupled with our knowledge of the Irish market, we believe that we are in a particularly strong position to grow Starbucks in Ireland in the coming years.”

Only a year ago, Starbucks only had 19 locations in Ireland. With 27 now in operation in Ireland, Entertainment Enterprises plan to open a new Starbucks at in the Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Dublin.

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Ireland's Starbucks will be taken over by an Irish brother duoGoogle Images