The odds that Matt Damon could become the next president of the U.S. are 100-to-1, according to Ireland’s largest bookmaker Paddy Power.

Paddy Power operates licensed betting outlets throughout Ireland and the UK and decided to include the Boston actor on its odds after he received “a glittering endorsement for the role from fellow Hollywood star Michael Moore,” according to a company press release.

“There’s been a strong tradition of Hollywood stars making the transition into politics since Ronald Reagan,” the Dublin said in a statement.
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“Matt Damon has never been afraid to express his political views and would surely garner some high profile supporters if he chose to run.”

The Irish betting company listed Damon as at 66-to-1 to receive the Democratic nomination for the 2012 election.

They said that President Obama remains “the strong favorite at 4-to-6 odds in the race for the White House”. 

Paris Hilton was also named on the betting list, with the celebrity heiress having a 500-to-1 chance of becoming the next U.S. president.

Irish bookies Paddy Power gives Matt Damon good odds in U.S. Presidential raceStella Pictures