A boat built by Cork company Safehaven Marine stays upright no matter what, thanks to three factors.

The XSV 17, or ‘Thunder Child’, will automatically self-right into an upright position when challenged by colossal waves. It is believed that The Irish Navy will soon get their hands on one of the incredible 10-passenger vessels.

Managing Director of Safehaven Marine Frank Kowalksi told the Daily Mail that the boat stays upright due to a “combination of three factors.”

“A very low centre of gravity, the buoyancy of the cabin and the cabin must also be completely water tight,” he explained.

He added, "The area of the cabin must contain enough air to keep the vessel afloat and it is important no water gets into the cabin," as he pointed out that air inlets close automatically to stop water being let in.

Watch below to see incredible footage of the boat being pushed under water by a crane (with people inside!) - only for it to bounce back and upright itself again.

Kowalksi told the Daily Mail that Safehaven Marine has made “about 130 boats in the last 20 years” - most of which are used by coastguards, lifeguards, and Port Authorities.
For more videos, follow Frank's YouTube channel here.