Jacqueline McDonagh, 34, the wife of bare knuckle boxer Michael Quinn McDonagh, was brutally murdered in a frenzied attack in Dundalk on Wednesday night.

According to the Irish Independent, the couple’s three children Chloe, 14, Nikita, 10, and Mikey, 5, were all in the house at the time of the vicious attack on their mother.

The tragic mother, originally from Navan, County Meath, was found by her husband in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Michael Quinn McDonagh reportedly ran onto the road in front of his home screaming: 'She’s dead, she’s dead.' The traumatized husband was dressed only in his boxer shorts, according to reports.

'He was in a terrible state. He was running up and down the road screaming that his wife was dead. The police were trying to console him,' an unnamed source told the Irish Star.

Knuckle, the film that made McDonagh and his wife famous, followed two rival Traveller clans as a boxer from each trained to uphold their clans honor.

The first scene in the internationally acclaimed film is from the couple's wedding in 1997.

Irish police are reportedly investigating claims that an armed gang of men entered the house and beat Jacqueline with a weapon. According to The Sun, the police have identified one suspect.

'This was nothing more than a cowardly attack on a defenseless woman. Gardai will do everything they can to bring whoever committed this awful crime to justice. This is a callous murder,' a police source told The Sun.

Meanwhile, a man has been arrested by Irish police as part of an investigation into the murder. The man was arrested in Dublin on Thursday evening and has been taken to Dundalk police station for questioning.

Police are reportedly examining YouTube footage of a man taken the day before Jacqueline's killing. In the footage, which has now been removed from the site, he boasts about attacking Travelers.

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