Irish American woman Colleen LaRose or "Jihad Jane," is believed to have visited Ireland last year to enlist others in the plot to assassinate a Swedish national, believed to be cartoonist Lars Vilks.

Seven Muslims were arrested in Ireland on Tuesday in connection with the alleged plot to kill Vilks, and the Irish Times reports that Gardai (Irish Police) believe LaRose visited the country last year to enlist and aid those involved.

Four men and three women were arrested in a joint operation between the Irish police (garden) and the U.S. authorities.

La Rose, 46, was arrested in October but the indictment was only unsealed Tuesday. Her indictment states that on and around August 23, 2009, LaRose “traveled to Europe with the intent to live and train with jihadists, and to find and kill RS #1.”

In the indictment, RS #1 refers to "Resident of Sweden," which in this case is believed to be Vilks.

The indictment also says that "Jihad Jane" posted messages on MySpace and YouTube highlighting her desire to become a martyr for Islam.

"I will make this my goal till I achieve it or die trying," she said.