A Melbourne, Florida woman believes she received a ‘sign from God’ when she found a Goldfish Cracker bearing a cross within a circle on Holy Week.

Patti Burke, who eats two to three pounds of Goldfish crackers a week, found the unusual cracker on the wednesday of Easter Holy Week, saying, “When I picked this one up, I knew he was special."

She also found it to be more than coincidence when her pastor, D. Scott Worth, preached to the congregation on Easter Sunday morning about the importance of fish as a symbol of Christianity.

When asked on his thoughts about the unusual cracker, Pastor Worth said, “It was very interesting that God put that on my heart to speak about that, and Patti found her Goldfish with the sign of the cross on it.”

“I think it’s a sign. I think it points to, I would hesitate to call it a miracle, but I think it points to the miracle, which is Jesus Christ defeated death. And that’s what Easter is all about,” Florida Today reports.

The Pastor speculated that the reason the fish became a symbol could have been for many reasons such as the story of Jonah and the whale or Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and the fish but, whatever the reason, Patti Burke chooses to believe her cracker is a sign from God: “I believe that it’s a sign, a sign from God, that ... he is still in our life every day and he wants to show that to his people,” Burke said. “And it’s something that happened right here at Easter.

“After talking with Pastor Scott I know that what all the cross means. It’s eternal life with the circle around the cross.”

When Burke called Pepperidge Farm to ask about the mysterious signs on the cracker she was told that there was no way a cracker could have been printed like that in the factory and when Burke tried to send the company some photographs of the snack, none of the pictures would develop properly.

Burke has not decided what she will do with the cracker but keeps it safely in an earring box upon a bed of gauze.

Florida Woman Finds Miracle Sign in Goldfish Snacks:

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