Aspiring model Andrea Duncan has accused her socialite employer Susan O’Leary of New York City of of subjecting her to treatment that was “akin to slavery” while she was a live-in caretaker.

Duncan was hired by the wealthy Manhattan family to be a live-in caretaker for O’Leary’s troubled adult daughter. However, Duncan has since accused the family of subjecting her to humiliation and abuse.

“They treated me worse than Cinderella,” said Duncan. “All I wanted was a safe place to live and make a little money to support myself. Where I was was evil.”

Duncan was hired in July to be a companion to O’Leary’s daughter Suzanne O’Leary, who was told to be suffering from “a mild emotional disorder,” for $250 a week.

As part of the agreement, Duncan agreed to keep 23 year old Suzanne O’Leary out of trouble and away from alcohol. However, as the lawsuit claims, Duncan later found out that the 23-year-old had just been released from the hospital citing “severe” emotional problems.

Duncan recounts in the lawsuit filed on Friday that while working for the O’Learys, she was scalded with boiling water, forced to clean the family’s 4,270-square-foot apartment, made to waitress at cocktail parties in a skimpy outfit and ordered to pop Adderall pills in order to work harder.

When Duncan scoffed at O’Leary’s demands to work 24/7 for little to no pay, O’Leary allegedly told the aspiring model that she would “throw her out on the streets.”

“This is what people do,” said Duncan’s lawyer, Rosemarie Arnold. “They see young aspiring actresses and models and they take advantage of them. Slavery was abolished after the Civil War. You can’t do that.”

The lawsuit alleges that in August, Suzanne O’Leary threw a pot of scalding water on Duncan, scarring her abdomen. Susan O’Leary then forbade Duncan from seeing a doctor for the burns, and ultimately fired Duncan after “showing off” her scars.

Susan O’Leary offered no comment when contacted by the New York Daily News.

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