Elizabeth Finnegan (22) has been accused of drunken driving causing a crash involving at least five cars on the I95 in Boston on Sunday. Irish American Rosemarie Walsh, the widow of one of Finnegan’s victims, has said, “She will kill again”.

Walsh is repeating this message just weeks after she first spoke to a Massachussetts court. The judge was settling a civil suit against Finnegan’s insurance company. At Christmas in 2006,

Walsh’s husband, Jeffrey Cardin, was run over and killed by Finnegan.

Cardin (48) was a father of three. His two daughters are now aged 22 and 17.

Since he died, Rosemarie Walsh has been following Finnegan’s exploits via Facebook, police records, and depositions in the insurance suit.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Cardin’s brother Edward said, “Because there was no justice at all, she killed our brother and she walked.”

In the accident involving Cardin in 2006, Finnegan had fled the scene. She pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of leaving causing personal injury and received probation and six-month license suspension. She was ordered to remain drug and alcohol free. She was just 17 when the accident took place.

In 2009, Finnegan was arrested again for drunken driving. The police found her passed out.
The Walsh family feels that the criminal justice system “has let them down completely” and is now putting innocent people at risk.

Speaking in court, District Attorney Derek Coyne said Finnegan was found at the scene of the horrible accident, involving five cars, with glassy eyes, slurred speech, and reeking of alcohol.

Coyne said, “While speaking to Miss Finnegan, the trooper did detect a strong odor of what he believed to be an alcoholic beverage. He also observed her eyes were glassy. She had slurred speech and she was unsteady on her feet.”.

Her driver's license was immediately revoked and her bail was set for $3,000.

Finnegan’s father, Mark, says his daughter is an alcoholic. He said in 2009 she had completed a rehabilitation program.

He told WHDHTV, “We’ve all tried to talk to her and tried to get her into some help. But you know, it’s a very difficult thing to recover from and she did her best for a while but then she slipped back in.”
Finnegan appeared shaky in court on Sunday as the new charges against her were read aloud

Here’s the local news report on the story:

Rosemarie Walsh pictured with her daughterBoston Herald