Tara Driscoll, a 33-year-old high school teacher from Bayshore, Long Island, was arrested on Tuesday for  the rape of a male student who was just 16.

Police obtained a copy of the video she made, of her having sex with the  16-year-old boy in a local motel.

A spokesperson for the Nassau County Police Department told the New York Post “This was a one-time incident in which she picked up the victim in Queens and drove him to the Capri Motel in Lynbrook.The victim's mother found out about this and confronted him, and he admitted it."

The student from Campus Magnet High School, in Cambria Heights, Queens, admitted to having sex with his teacher, after he was confronted over the matter by his mother.



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Driscoll, an English teacher, drove the 16-year-old to the motel, on Long Island where she filmed herself having sex with the teen. The police arrested Driscoll and confiscated the tape after the teen’s mother came forward to the police.

The teacher was charged with third degree rape and third degree criminal sexual act. The age of consent in the state of New York is 17-years-old.

Since the allegations arose Driscoll has been re-assigned from classroom duties. Prosecutors have alleged that the teacher has a history of alcohol abuse and recently took part in a rehab program. Defense Attorney, Virginia Lopreto, declined to comment.