The body of Wisconsin college student Eric Duffey was found in the Wisconsin River after an exhaustive search by 150 volunteers.

Irish American student had been missing since early Saturday. On Monday, police began searching the Wisconsin River believing that “alcohol had something to do with his actions”

Last seen, Duffey was celebrating his 21st birthday at a local bar, Joe’s Bar, at Stevens Point. He was believed to be heading home at 1.15 am on Saturday. He never arrived home.

His father Darren said, “I know that they were drinking, but it doesn't sound like they were drinking heavily…It wasn't like they were doing 21 shots or anything like that.”

Sergeant Dan Wheeler discovered Duffey’s body at about 1.10pm on Monday. The coroners office made a positive identification. There is no foul play suspected in his death.

On Monday, Stevens Point assistant police chief Brian Kudronowicz had said emergency personnel were scouring a part of the river where ice becomes open water.

Kudronowicz told AP, "We had some late information that's kind of adding up to him walking into the Wisconsin River…I think alcohol had something to do with his actions."

He continued "We're looking at three cold nights...The longer he's missing, the less likely that we're going to have a good outcome."


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Sergeant Greg Bean said the police had received several reports of possible sightings.
He said “[Eric] told his friends he was going to leave the bars and walk home…He wanted to get a decent night's sleep before he met with his family.

Police searched the two-mile radius between the town and Duffey’s home. As well as using bloodhounds, a helicopter, and other authorities, they asked locals to search their own properties.

They also attempted to use his cell phone to locate the 21-year-old but this shows the phone in the Stevens Point area.

Here’s the local report from the day before he was found:

Eric DuffeyFamily Handout