Oregon resident, John Brennan, stripped naked at Portland International Airport in front of the security checkpoint.

On Tuesday evening some passengers covered their own eyes, as well as their childrens', as Brennan stripped off. The Portland Police reported that other passengers “stepped out of the screening lanes to look, laugh and take photos."

According to a Reuters report, Brennan stripped off because he was fed up with the security process.

Police said security officials asked Brennan to get dressed several times but he “refused to dress”. He was then taken into custody.

The report said that, “When interviewed about his actions, Mr. Brennan stated he flies a lot and had disrobed as a form of protest against (Transportation Security Administration) screeners who he felt were harassing him."

There were no drugs or alcohol involved in the incident. However, police jailed Brennan on suspicion of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. He was later released.

Speaking to KGW, Portland News, he said, “I am being tired of being hassled by the TSA.

"And the machine went off, and I asked what it was and he said 'nitrates' which I know from Oklahoma City is one of the explosive ingredients," Brennan told KGW, "and I was not interested in being hassled so I took off my clothes to show them I was not carrying any explosives."
He told them he hopes his actions will start a trend.

"I don't think Americans can sit around and put up with this anymore. TSA needs to just do their job and not intimidate people."

Brennan maintains he committed no crime.

He said "I know that nude, but not lewd, is protected speech in Oregon."