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The world will end sometime between 5 and 6pm today in a massive outbreak of tidal waves and earthquakes, according to one Irish American.

Robert Fitzpatrick has been walking the streets of New York in recent weeks with his premonitions of Armageddon. However, it seems not all New Yorkers are convinced.

"It's a downer," joked Sharon Gordin, from Forest Hills, Queens told the New York Post.

"I still haven't been to [Lower East Side restaurant] Beauty & Essex," she reflected. "And don't I have at least a year to get married or do any of the other things I want to do?"

Fitzpatrick has spent $140,000 buying ads to warn the public about Doomsday and the so-called “Rapture,” which will cause the souls of those saved to be sucked into heaven, while the rest of humanity must face their judgment day on earth.

"My advice is to cry out for mercy now!" he told The Post on Thursday.

"Read the Bible, and put yourself in the environment where you will be saved."

"We've got the proof. There are irrefutable truths, too many to deny," he said.

Californian man Harold Camping (89) originally announced his predictions about the May 21 Doomsday.