With the sentencing of the ex-stripper sister of the bank robbing Dougherty gang in Colorado this week, a cross-country crime spree has finally come to an end.

According to the Daily News Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, received 24 of a maximum of 29 years on Monday, with few years written off after pleading guilty to attempted first-degree assault and felony menacing in February. Dougherty made her guilty plea as part of an agreement to drop the original charges of attempted murder.

Her brother Dylan Dougherty, 27, received the maximum 32-year prison sentence after he plead guilty to one charge of first-degree assault.

Both Dougherty's and a third brother, Ryan, 22, became the focus of a dramatic nationwide manhunt in August 2011 after they fired more than 20 shots at a Florida police officer pursuing them for speeding, then they robbed a Georgia bank and led police officers on a multistate manhunt.

All three were finally arrested in Colorado Springs, Colorado on August 10, 2011 after a high-speed freeway shootout ended when they crashed their car.

Lee Grace Dougherty was shot in the right thigh by a police officer during the gun battle. In January her brother Dylan was charged with possession of contraband and conspiracy to commit escape after he planned to escape with his sister from a Colorado jail. The younger brother Ryan was also expected to be charged on Monday.

Once Ryan's sentence is delivered all three are expected to be extradited to Georgia to face bank robbery charges, with a hearing there scheduled for May 15.

All three siblings have extensive rap sheets, which include 20 prior felonies among them raging from drug possession to battery and burglary. Ryan Dougherty was also registered as a sex offender in Florida after he was caught sending explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, received 24 of a maximum of 29 years on MondayFBI