An Irish American is trying to cash in on the Obama factor – with a million dollar price tag on a car once owned by the U.S. President.

In normal circumstances, the 2005 Chrysler 300C would be worth just $17,000. But Irish American Tim O’Brien believes the car will reach the magical million dollar mark on an eBay auction before close of business on Tuesday, according to the NY Daily News.

O’Brien is the current owner of the 2005 Chrysler which was once leased by President Obama and driven around Chicago when he was a junior US Senator.

MSNBC reports that O’Brien believes the well-kept car, with just 20,800 miles on the clock, will hit the million in the digital auction which is being managed on his behalf by seasoned eBay car seller Lisa Czibor.



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She claims to have documentation proving that Obama once leased the car and has posted 20 photos of the sedan on eBay.

The Blue Book value for the 2005 Chrysler amounts to $16,683 in New York City market, a far cry from the million dollars O’Brien wants Czibor to secure for him.

“Please understand that the $1 million dollar starting price is not a joke,” Czibor writes in the ad.

“Other cars once driven by superstar politicians have sold recently for figures running into the millions.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 1977 Peugeot, for example, fetched $2.5 million last year at an auction but the profits went to build low-income housing to fulfil one of Ahmadinejad’s campaign promise to eliminate homelessness.

“If you win this auction, what you do with the Obama car after it is paid for is up to you,” Czibor continues.

“You can put it in a museum, proudly drive it, or, you can use it as part of a Republican publicity stunt during the 2012 campaign.”

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