Eric Poulos, the court appointed lawyer for the alleged cop-shooter Luis 'Baby' Ortiz told the press yesterday his client was beaten in police custody.

Poulos made the allegation at Ortiz's arraignment yesterday, claiming his client suffered bruising to his face and chipped a tooth.

'He was struck by police officers’ fists, both at the scene and at the station house hours after,' Poulos reportedly told the judge according to Gothamist.

In response to Poulos' claims the judge granted a request for medical attention for Ortiz, who pleaded not guilty.

'I think there is an effort here by the prosecution to sandbag this case. The videotape shows wrestling—it doesn't show who did the shooting. The gun was found outside in the projects,' Poulos added.


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Ortiz was identified in three different lineups by eye witnesses, but Poulos claims these lineups were 'a set up' since police didn't allow Ortiz to change his clothing.

Meanwhile prosecutor Lewis Lieberman called the shooting 'an assassination attempt by this defendant against Police Officer Kevin Brennan.' Brennan survived the shooting. 

Prosecutors told the press that local surveillance video shows Ortiz and Brennan scuffling at the Bushwick Houses on Tuesday night, during which the video shows the suspect loses a white sneaker.

Ortiz was shortly afterwards arrested wearing just one white sneaker matching the other one recovered at the scene. Investigators also claim that ballistic tests have determined the bullet recovered from Brennan's head matches a gun found outside the apartment where Ortiz was arrested.

If convicted Ortiz faces up to 40 years in prison. Meanwhile the .38-caliber revolver used to shoot Brennan has been identified as the same gun used in the New Year’s Day murder of drug dealer Shannon Mckenzie. (Ortiz was wanted for questioning in that murder.)

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